Industrial Finishing Systems

Girbau Industrial finishing systems – feeders, ironers, folders and stackers – work in concert for unrivaled results, efficiency and productivity. Backed by industry-leading warranties and offering superior programmability to meet a huge variety of needs, Girbau Industrial finishing systems are configured to meet each application’s unique productivity and quality goals.


Three feeders are available – the DRM compact high-production feeder, the DRF multi-station spreader feeder and the DRF-Lite multi-station spreader feeder.

Ironing Systems

Two ironing systems are available – the PC-80 Ironer with one-, two- or three- 32-inch diameter rolls, and the PC-120 Ironer with one-, two- or three- 48-inch diameter rolls. Both ironers offer finishing widths of 118, 130 and 138 inches and come in gas, steam or thermal fluid models.


Four folders are available for flat goods, including the FL-Smart, FL-King, FL-Lite and FRB flatwork folder. There are four drywork folders available for towels, blankets and garments, including the FT-Maxi, FT-Poly, FT-Vest and FT-Lite. Three stackers are available—the VOL, the ROT, and the AP-Lite.

Compact 5-in-One

The Compact 5-in-One does quickly feeds, irons, folds, stacks and accumulates an array of goods using up to four lanes. This space-saving system generates processing speeds of up to 82-feet-per-minute; is available in 24-, 32- and 48-inch diameters with 102- and 130-inch finishing widths; and features natural gas or liquid propane (LP) heat sources.

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