Industrial Tunnel Equipment

We offer a variety of Girbau Industrial and Lavatec tunnel systems to fit your unique production and labor requirements. Our continuous washing systems include tunnel washers, water-extraction presses, pass-through dryers and conveyor systems.

Girbau Industrial

The TBS-50 is an extremely flexible tunnel washer that can be configured according to the unique needs of any mid- to high-volume laundry. Available in up to 12, 110-pound capacity modules, it offers a top-transfer, mono-block design that’s less costly and simpler to install than comparable machines on the market. It also uses less water and energy, runs quietly and delivers a quality wash for any fabric type.


Available in center- and bottom-transfer designs, Lavatec tunnel washing systems offer true flexibility. They come in six to 20 chambers, with 55-, 75-, 110-, 132-, 155-, 200- and 220-pound capacities, to configure to any production need.